Zoar Valley is located only an hour's drive south of Buffalo, New York. Traversing some of the most spectacular scenery in Western New York, it remains virtually hidden due to its difficult access. Certain sections of the gorge can be seen from several remote vantage points, but by far, the best view can be had from the river far below.

The River Trip through Zoar Valley can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending upon water level, to cover the 9 1/2 mile distance. The challenging and often unpredictable rapids of the Zoar range from gentle riffles to Class III "Bouncers." At higher water levels several Class IV's may appear and you could be treated to 5 miles of almost continuous white water action.

The Spring Rafting Season in Zoar Valley opens in March with the spring runoff and usually lasts until late May or early June as the water level becomes too low for effective passage. The best white water action can normally be had through April, depending of course on the amount of rainfall. May, as the water level begins to recede, can generally be counted on to provide the more scenic, warmer and serene trips. It must be noted however, that May showers can bring about a sudden rise in water level, reminiscent of early season.

Our Fall Season begins in September and runs thru December, (yes, that's correct - it's not a misprint). Some of our finest white water can occur in November and December. Our autumn trips had been a well-kept secret, but the word leaked out - fantastic color, and white water too!
Inflatable Kayak Season . . . these inflatables are the latest rage in river running! Also called funyaks or more commonly, duckies, this craft is not actually a kayak but a small raft designed for 1 or 2 people. Because of their great maneuverability and shallow draft, these boats are great for low water trips and allow us to extend our season thru June. The white water at this time has receded, but the challenge and excitment of negotiating the Zoar's technical passageway and swimming in its quiet pools, easily make up for it. This adventure through Zoar Valley will take approximately 4-5 hours.

The River Trips are run primarily on weekends, with holidays and semester breaks also popular. Weekday trips can also be arranged if your group numbers 10 or more.

Whatever Your Choice, white water rafting in spring and fall, or the ducky in May and June, the "Zoar" offers an adventure well worth exploring!

So climb aboard our river boats and experience beauty and excitment in one memorable afternoon and join us in a Zoar Valley River Adventure!


~ Trip Information ~

Introduction to White Water Rafting

Class I and II rapids with numerous riffles. This is an extremely user friendly section of the river with bald eagle sightings as they soar among the towering cliffs.

Distance: 6 miles

Time: 1-2 hours

Approx. Season: Mid March-May

Type of Craft: Raft or Duckie

Experience Level: Beginner-Duckie, Intermediate-Duckie

Activity Level: Easy/Moderate

Minimum Age: 8 years

Scenery: Very Good to Excellent

Zoar Valley "WNY's Hidden Gem"

Numerous class I, II & III rapids. You'll raft in a deep gorge with towering cliffs hundreds of feet high surrounded by remote, pristine wilderness. View stands of old growth Oak, Hemlock and Tulip, hidden waterfalls and frequent bald eage sightings. This trip provides beauty and adventure in one memorable afternoon.

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 2-4 hours

Approx. Season: Mid March-April

Type of Craft: Raft

Experience Level: Intermediate

Activity Level: Moderate/Strenuous

Minimum Age:10 years

Scenery: Excellent


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